21 March 2011

Japan Day 2011 - The University of Sheffield.

Since I moved back to Sheffield back in August 2010, I have been waiting for a Japan Day to be organised nearby. I heard that University of Sheffield had a Japan Society and when I went on their website I found out that they organise such an event. Therefore high probability that there will be another one in 2011.

To begin with, I had in mind that I would ask for a stall at the event but I couldn't find any information and left it alone. Then all of a sudden I found a facebook event had been setup detailing the event. By that time, it was only a couple of weeks away and it was too close to Kitacon so I didn't have enough time to make twice the number of kanzashi. In addition, part of me thought that people visiting the Japan Day were more interested in the experience of the day rather then buying.

So another kimono outfit needed to be organised. I choose a nice white kimono with red fans.

and for a change I decided to use a hanhaba obi and tie a more casual musubi. I don't know what it is called but I probably seen it being worn by someone.

So outfit sorted, time to find the event. It isn't too obvious from the outside that the event is happening.

But when you go in there you see straight in front of you (down some stairs) a yukata dressing which was very popular.

So what else is there?

If you walk towards the main hall of the centre then there was the following

Irensei playing table.



Martial Art

and one can not forget Japan Centre.

On stage there was various acts but I didn't pay too much attention. Overall I spent 2 hours at the event and for £6 it wasn't bad. There was a maid cafe but since I was on my own I didn't feel like sitting there eating a cupcake on my own.

Oh there was some lovely obi and a kimono being used for display by the origami section but I couldn't take nice photos of them. Here is the best photo out of the lot, I should have asked where they were from.

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Monika Kolchevska said...

Hello! I'm from the University of Sheffield Japan Society and organized the Maid Cafe! You should have stopped by the cafe anyway - you could take-out cupcakes and drinks!
About the lovely kimono's that you mention in the end - as far as I know, the Japanese Embassy in London lend them to us just for Japan Day, alonside with some other things.
Please visit again next year! The event usually takes place before the Easter Vacation or after (depending on exam periods). If you contact us in the beginnings of the new academic year, we'll definitely arrange to have a stall for you!