3 January 2012

Wedding dress Erika from Pronovias

Since my wedding back in October, I still have this craving for wedding dresses so to fulfil this desire I have decided that every week I am going to find a wedding dress that I like.

Therefore the first dress of the week for me has to be this one from Pronovias called Erika.

Why I love it!

Wow I love the lace on this dress!  If the lace on the dress isn't enough for you, this comes with a lace poncho which I think gives a lovely ethereal feel to the ensemble.

It also has a timeless classic feel because of the figure hugging design.

With that much lace, you can forget the veil!  A charming headdress will be enough to complete your outfit because you would not want a veil to cover all of the detail.

Hmmm so why wouldn't I buy it?

I have a nasty feeling that this style of dress is not very forgiving in the body department.  For example, being  only 5'2'', this dress would swamp me.  Then there is the figure hugging issue, unless you are going to be wearing control underwear on your wedding day, this will require a couple of months in the gym to tone your legs and arms.  

So what do you think of the dress?


chethran said...

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Kitty Kanzashi said...

What sort of details would you like to know about the dress?

I would love to try these dresses on so I can give a real opinion on how the dress looks, feels and point out areas where they are not perfect for me.