28 February 2012

Wedding Dress - ?? by Zuhair Murad

There are just some days when you stumble upon something which you can't stop looking and Zuhair Murad did just that when I saw this dress.

Whether it is truly a wedding dress I don't know but isn't it lovely ^_^.

By Zuhair Murad

Why I love it

The flower design reminds me of cherry blossoms which is one of my favourite flowers and not only the details is on the bodice but on the dress and also down on one arm which is very unusual for a dress.

It is also a subtle pink which is very feminine but not too sugary to make you feel ill.


This dress is a statement dress so be prepared for your guests to pay more attention to the dress then you.  You will certainly need a lot of confidence and character to make this dress work for you rather then the other way roung.

In addition, this dress just shouts Spring so it is a dress which only really fit Spring.

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mike said...

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