14 February 2012

Wedding Dress - Style RK263 by Romona Kevza

So far I have only looked at ivory or white wedding dresses but don't think that is your only wedding colour.

As you can see from Romona Kevza!

Style RK263 by Romana Kevza
I remember having a heated argument with my mother when I told her that I didn't want to wear a dress which was all white/ivory and she told me that is was not western convention and that I was being awkward.

Well if I can't be picky on my wedding dress then when can I be?

Why do I love it!

It is BLUE!  Yes a blue wedding dress!

In addition, it appears that the dress has pockets as well which will come in very handy.  I know a lot of you are wondering why would any bride want pockets on her dress?  Simple, to hold those little things like tissues, lipstick or safety pin which are just essentials.  Yes you can ask your bridesmaids to have those things but they are not always within screaming distance.

Hmmm maybe not

This is a couture dress so I don't even what to guess how much this will cost but for that price I would expect everything to be perfect.

My main concern is the sweetheart neckline which is quite low on this model which reveals a lot of your shoulder and neckline which is not good for those who are shy.  However as this is a couture dress I would expect them to make it look perfect for you.

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