21 February 2012

Wedding Dress - Virginia by Kevan Hall

I have been thinking about other styles of neckline that I like to wear and I almost forgot about halter neck.

I personally love halter necks because I think my shoulders look good but I hate showing off two much of my neck.  Sometimes I feel naked when I show the top of my chest which is silly because I love corsets.

Anyway this dress called Virginia by Kevan Hall is a nice example.

Virginia by Kevan Hall
Why do I love it

One, it is one of my favourite necklines because it shows off your shoulders while keeping you very modest.

Two, the cute flowers which are on the skirt.  Each one of those flowers is made up of several layers to give a lovely 3D look and makes the skirt look very light.

What would make me think twice?

If I was big chested then I would avoid this dress because the halter neck will just make them look even bigger.  Of course you can ignore me if you want to show them off.  

And as there is so much detail on the skirt, it would be a shame if it was not on show so maybe if you are short in the leg department, this might be a dress to avoid unless you can get a bridal shop to take the dress up from the waist.

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