7 February 2012

Wedding Dress - Rumor by San Patrick

Time for an asymmetric wedding dress.

And we have a lovely one from San Patrick called Rumor!

Rumor by San Patrick

There are days where I love the look of asymmetric dresses because they just look so quirky and interesting because they do not have a vertical symmetry.  However on the other days, I just think they look awkward and the strap on one side does nothing whatsoever.

But I'm not in that mood and today I love asymmetric dresses.

Why do I love this dress!

What drew me to this dress is the little panel of bead embroidery on the one side of the dress.  Don't get me wrong I love bead embroidery because of the intricate patterns and how the dress hangs with all beads but sometime it can be overdone.  Especially if it on a wedding gown where unless you are wearing a chinese wedding dress, less is more in my eyes.

And then there is the strap, rather then stopping at the top of the bodice, it carries on to the waistline so prefect for brides who have a short torso because this will elongate your upper body.

Potential Down Points

The main problem area for me is the hip area as it will not be forgiving for those of us who have large hips since the dress hugs that area.  And the ruffles on the back will not help those who do not want to draw attention to the derrière.

And for those of you who want to wear some special underwear for your future husband, beware!  This dress may give the game away because of the figure hugging cut ;).

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