1 November 2010

Elsecar Art and Craft Fair

After the (sort of) success of Art in the Garden, I thought I would give another Art and Craft fair a go to see if I would have better success.

This time it was the Art and Craft Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre in Elsecar.

It was a very pleasant drive to Elsecar I have to say with very little traffic although why do they keep changing the speed limit along an A road beats me. My boyfriend and I spent most of the time wondering whether to do 30mph, 35mph, 40mph, 50mph or 60mph. Really which speed limit would you like us to obey? When it is 30mph, we had cars whizzing past us as if it is 60mph but we were pretty sure that it is 30mph due to the road sign with 30 in a big red circle we saw a few seconds ago. Other road users are the biggest threat to me and my car.

Enough of this rant on driving back to the fair.

It was situated at a lovely little place called Elsecar Heritage Centre which has craft shops and its own private little train yard. The fair was in one of buildings on-site named Building 21 and after looking aimlessly for a few minutes for the organisers, I managed to located my table.

So what was on offer at the fair? We had the usual array of jewellery, craved wood, cakes, cards and knitted item stalls but there was also some other such as lace demo stall which look very interesting but one doesn't need another hobby and a cute little stall (which happened to be behind me) selling stuffed toys.

I have to say that once again that I was the one offering the most unusual thing for sale and I lost count of the number of time people said "oh that is pretty and unusual". Which I will take as being a nice comment (well I hope they were being nice!)

Oh you wouldn't believe it but my boyfriend here is working hard on this paper in this photo!

No really, he is working! Just look at the concentration here, he didn't even notice his picture being taken.

Anyway here are some other pictures of my stall.

So was it an overwhelming success? To put it bluntly, no it was not.

Several people took my business cards but I only made one sale. I think it was the "made to order" sign that put people off and also the price because one lady was very interested but as soon as a mentioned the price she recoiled away from my stall. I think some of the people really don't know how much work goes into one of these little flowers and when you tell them, you get this look of disbelief. Oh well, you live and learn.

I have managed to gain another stall this coming weekend on the 6th November at the mini Candy Craft fair at the Bear and Bungalow in Sheffield city centre on Division Street. Hopefully the city population will be more interested in my ware.


Eve Smith said...

I know how you feel, i had 2 fairs last weekend, the feed back is great with oh you make such wonderful jewellery and it's so different. But the sales where rubbish, i think people are just too affaird to spend at the moment, plus they want it for peanuts.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

It is disappointing especially when I have just started selling my kanzashi so a few more sales would have been encouraging.