30 November 2010

Its a little bit cold here.

Well the UK certainly has been having interesting weather for the last few days.

We have snow and of course with the snow we been having all sorts of power and traffic problems. Not that I have been experiencing them because I don't work and as I live in the city centre, power is pretty stable. However it is cold.

The good thing (or bad thing depending on your outlook) is that I have enough snow to build Bob the Snowman on my balcony.

Does he look great!

He isn't that big by the way, I have a finite amount of snow although it is suppose to carry on snowing today so maybe he will have a friend.

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Lyuba-chan said...

I'm still waiting for snow where I live. I mean, it has been snowing... but not ENOUGH! I want to make a snowman too! ;P