7 November 2010

Mini Candy Craft Stall

So the Elsecar Art and Craft fair was a little disappointing but one must try to be positive or you will never get anywhere!

Onwards to the next stall and it was the Mini Candy Craft Stall.

Candy Craft is a Sheffield based craft group who work together to promote Sheffield crafter and I have been trying to get a stall at one of their events for a while and this time I succeeded.

So the event started at 13.00 but I had to get there around 12.15 to secure a decent table. Ideally I would have wanted one which was next some nice comfy seats but I couldn't and therefore I chose a table that would allow customers to view it from both sides.

The organiser grabbed me a chair so I didn't need to spend the whole time standing up.

Again was it a success? Hmm this is becoming a bit of a curse for me these fairs but no it was not good. No sales again and only a few of my cards were taken this time.

I am beginning to feel that my little creations need a different market. I think my larger pieces would be great for occasion wear but how does one enter such a market?

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