12 November 2010

Second Kimono de Jack Tomorrow

I can't help it that I'm excited about tomorrow. There is nothing better then wearing kimono and meeting a load of people who are also wearing kimono.

Tomorrow will probably be cold so it is time to be creative ones accessories. Clearly gloves and scarf will be needed but I think my ear muffs will be necessary as well. As for shoes, hmmmm I don't think my toes can cope with such cold temperatures so I'll be wearing my tan coloured boots. This way I can wear some nice thick socks and no one will know (apart from you the reader).

I am torn between wearing my cape or ama coat. Cape is heavy but short so my legs will have no protection. My ama coat is long but thin. Maybe I need a longer cape, hmmm something to buy in the future or possibly make if I ever get a sewing machine.

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Kimono de Jack UK said...

What about wearing leggins or tights? That's what I'm doing :) :)