14 November 2010

Second Kimono de Jack - Camden

Finally after a month waiting the day has come, the second Kimono de Jack in Camden!

Last time we achieved a total of 5 kimono wearers but this time it appeared we had 8 attending. Excellent our rank grows bigger!

So how did my day go? It started off so well, I got up at 07.00 and began to get ready but somehow my hair was not playing ball and by the time I was ready it was 08.15. In theory enough time to get to the train station but it wasn't and I just missed my train. Oh f$%k!

As you may have guessed I was very annoyed but my partner offered to pay the single train ticket to London for me (which cost £59) and reassured me that it wasn't a problem. So after a bit more reassurance from my partner and being told to enjoy myself, off I got on the train to London.

I have nothing to report about the train journey it was a two hour and 20 minute journey where nothing of interest happened. I mean nothing. Thank god for books and ipod or I would have died of boredom.

The train pulled in around 11.20 and I minced my way to the Northern Line to get the tube to Chalk Farm. That was the easy part, now comes the hard part, locating the Keiko Tea bar in Stable Market. I had a rough idea of where this tea bar was situated but getting there from tube station wasn't as easily as it sounds. There was no signpost to say "This way to Stables Market" so I just headed in the direction that I thought was right. After a few worrying minutes I saw the sign of Stables Market and found the tea bar but no kimono friends.

No they haven't run off, they just wandered to find some toilets and after using the the wonders of a mobile phone I found them. After a few more minutes Elizabeth turned up and we are up to 6 people. Woo hoo one more then last time and we still had one more member to turn up but that will be for lunch.

Now that we are all together we can sample the delights that Keiko Tea Bar has to offer.

So much to choose from but I chose a nice cooling iced lemon and ginger tea. There were cakes as well but I had to refuse since a couple of nights ago I went out for a curry and I didn't want to pig out too much. It was a very nice refreshing tea with the lemon definitely hitting all the right taste buds. YUMMY!

Here is Hong's Matcha latte

And Tegan's hot tea (I can't remember what she brought) with a tasty looking matcha cupcake.

We all decided to sit seiza way which for us was a challenge. I cheated by placing a cushion between my feet and my bum so that I wasn't sitting directly on feet but eventually I began to lose feeling in my toes after a couple of hours.

Of course gave me some interesting photos!

And of course Hong decided to take it easy when things were hurting.

During our tea break we were join by Sapporo who turned up to pick up some calligraphy brushes from April. It is a shame he will be leaving in February 2011 but hopefully we can organise another get together.

We were enjoying the tea bar so much that time flew and soon it was 13.15 and we had a lunch reservation at Sen Nin for 14.00 somewhere. Therefore we finished our drinks and off we went to the restaurant. It didn't appear to look far on the map and I am sure it was only a short walk but it seem to take awhile to get there. Not to mention it wasn't visible from the main road so when we turned into Pratt Street we started to wonder whether Sen Nin actually existed. However we found it and it was very nice indeed. We were the only customers in the restaurant but this was good as it meant we could carry on with our conversations.

We all chose something from their lunch menu, I chose the chicken katsu which was breaded fried chicken and it came with some rice and miso soup. All very healthy and filling. Cynthia turned up after getting a little lost but that is the problem of giving directions in London when you don't live in London (apart from Hong but she doesn't know Camden).

So with our stomachs refuelled we tackled Camden and Stables market again. As we were walking around Stables Market looking for the Gothic Loilta we were asked by a passing photographer for some photos as he was taking them for a book about Camden. Wow what a photo opportunity! So we filled out his forms and got our pictures taken.

Unfortunately the light was failing and all my photos didn't turn out well. Hopefully the photographer will be kind enough to send me his set but I can wait.

After our little photo shoot it was time that April, Hong and I were off but between my own stupidity for the second time of the day I got confused and missed the train to St Pancras. As such I missed my train for the second time!

Yes I was panicking and worrying like a manic and I apologies to April and Hong for my very silly outburst but sometimes I get very wound up by my own thoughts. Maybe I need some anti-anxiety pills or something!

Following April's advice I asked East Midland staff if they could put me on the next train and the very nice girl said yes. Phew my card was spared another day!

I eventually got home 1 hour later then planned and even thought I wore my boots my feet still hurt! Why can't I find a pair of shoes that I can walk around in for more then 6 hours? I don't think trainers will got with any kimono so I better get looking for extra comfy shoes.

So that is another Kimono de Jack wrapped up.

I hope you all are all excited about the next one because this time we are branching out into Birmingham! There will be lots of lovely Christmas goodies to try so I better find an extra long obi.


Lyuba-chan said...

Looks like we all had some kind of problems with trains today lol. Banks was closed off for overcrowding and fire alert something, and since I went with Tegan to Banks... I was kinda SOL there. So I had to take a bus to Liverpool (which is the fastest vs. going back to Camden and taking a tube to Tottenham)and from there take Central to Eppings. So I think I spent almost 3hr getting home vs. mu usual 2. Sad LOL is all I can say.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

So that would explain Hong's choice words to transport for London on her facebook status.

shigatsuhana said...

I think I'm the only one that had a completely trouble free train day. Every thing went perfect for me!

Tegan said...

I had a pretty good journey on the tube to london Bridge and got on the first train to Brighton which turned out to be a slow one calling at all sorts of deserted stations! It was also at the time of day when everyone goes home after a day trip so the train was PACKED. And then at Haywards heath, after 45 minutes of torture, I changed over to the fast train and cut out another 3-4 stations from my journey. I hate trains sometimes...

Bangasa Kimono = ^( ^_^)^ said...

Funny thing Isla is that I got home o.k, no delays or anything. It was just really crowded and I was really tired, so posted my feelings on facebook :)