9 November 2010

Kawaski Orchestra Take two!

So Saturday's night performance was lovely but I took rubbish photos which I am going to blame on the lighting in the room.

Therefore I don another kimono and made my way to their second performance in Sheffield at the Winter Gardens. This time it was the middle of the day and in a lovely bright inner city botanical garden.


I didn't mention this before but the reason why the orchestra is in Sheffield is because Kawaski and Sheffield were celebrating 20 years partnership and the Mayor of Kawaski is in the above photo (he is the one standing in the middle).

The ladies insisted that I had my photo taken with them, how could I refuse such lovely ladies.


I went a little overboard with the photographing so here is a link to my flickr page

There is also a video of one of the dancer performing.



shigatsuhana said...

I love these! I especially love the older ladies in furisode! Iki!

Lyuba-chan said...

I'm glad you had fun (and took more photos lol). And I LOVE your kimono!!! :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Yep it just proves that furisode can be worn no matter how old you are.

And I have proof of that!

This black kimono is the most subtle kimono own. I thought it was the best kimono to blend into the Sheffield scene.

Walter said...

Such a lot of nice pictures! You should go overboard more often!
That's a nice kimono the male dancer is wearing ( I posted some comments on the Flickr page )
I wouldn't like to go near any soy sauce wearing that !
The black kimono is very nice.
With I could have been there. Will they do it again some day ?

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I don't know if they will be coming back to the UK soon but I could try and find out.