27 June 2012

I love Kanzashi - Candy Amore

You can not love kanzashi without loving fabric.

Candy Amore by Kitty Kanzashi
I called this one Candy Amore because the pink reminds me of candy or sweets and amore because I love it.

The fabric I used is a small piece of vintage juban or kimono fabric but is is lovely and it is a shame I don't have any more of it.

For pieces like these I always use more then one fabric because it makes the vintage fabric stand out more.  Lucky I had a baby pink that matched the colour of the vintage fabric which brought out the best in the fabric.

If you are interested in this kanzashi then why not see in my etsy store!

Alternatively, if you would like a custom made kanzashi then why not contact me via email kittykanzashi@gmail.com or on my form http://kittykanzashi.blogspot.co.uk/p/contact-me.html

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