12 June 2012

Wedding Dress - Trumpet by Lusan Mandongus

There I am looking through Lusan Mandongus 2012 collection and one dress stood out.  Actually it was the back of the dress that I was attracted too

Trumpet by Lusan Mandongus

Why I love this dress!
I mentioned that I was attracted to the back well here is a closeup of the back detail.
Isn't it gorgeous!  

It looks so decadent yet understated at the same time.  Really I love this little detail a lot.  Not to mention this dress would be perfect for a bride who wants to have a retro hairstyle on her special day.  This dress just oozes glamour puss!

Maybe Not.
This is tricky because like last week's dress, this one would work for many brides.  Although don't forget to to wear some slimming pants or hit the gym to tone up your legs and arms because this dress is unlikely to forgiving.

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Jullianna B said...

Love the dress! So gorgeous!