5 June 2012

Wedding Dress - Style 11187 by Ellis

I'm in the mood for a flowing wedding dress and Ellis Bridals has come to the rescue.

Why I love it!
I know silk is made from the cocoon of silk worms which have to be killed in order to obtain the long silk filaments which is used to make the fabric but I love the stuff!

One of my all time favourite fabric is chiffon because it is floaty light and this dress is draped in chiffon.  Therefore the dress will have a lovely dreamy feel and I bet it would look lovely when photograph in a slight breeze.

The dress also has a retro feel to it even though I don't think it is and also rather then peppering the dress with sparkle, the designer has just added some crystal embellished straps.  I am very happy that strappy wedding dresses are coming back in fashion because I love the security that straps offer on dresses.

Oh No This Is Not For Me
I can see this dress fitting many female figures because it has such a flattering design.  However the only area of concern for me would the shoulder and upper arms.  If you have particularly broad shoulders or large upper arms, I can see those straps emphasising those area which may not be very flattering.

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Unknown said...

Love the dresses! So gorgeous!