27 June 2012

An Evening with Immodesty Blaize!

There are days when you think I have to go to that event and yesterday was one if those days.

As ever reading the facebook grape vines I heard if Sparklewren opening up her corset boutique. Great I love corsets however there was one thing that really grabbed my attention and that was the appearance of Immodesty Blaize!

Yes I went eeeekkkk when I read that name so I brought my train tickets. Of course I had to wear a kimono but this seems like the perfect time to wear one with a corset! Originally I wanted to wear my purple corset with the white and purple yabana kofurisode but it just did not work. So I used my faithful black corset and wore my latest ro kimono.

Perfect! Train tickets brought and outfit sorted, all I needed to do now is wait. Rather then moan about the trains being delayed I will skip to the opening. I got there just in time for Immodesty Blaize posing in the window display.

She was wearing a gorgeous corset dress made by Sparklewren and she looked lovely! I took a lot of pictures here because the light was good. 

After a little champagne, my friend and I started to chat with Sparklewren herself. She heard about me because I mentioned on twitter that I was going to turn up in kimono and corset so instant recognition.

She had a few piece out on display and oh gosh I wish I had the money. Lovely corsets with lace and crystals completely impractical to wear but a girl can dream. 

We even got a chance to talk to Immodesty Blaize and of course the conversation turned to kimono! I think she would look lovely in a hiki!

Anyway that was my short adventure in meeting Immodesty Blaize!

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HSAMA said...

You look lovely in that kimono with a corset on!!

truly lovely!

kisses from Brazil