29 June 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Muted Green Kanashi Hairband and boutonniere

Here is another one that I made from my fabric stash that I have been building since 2008.

Muted Green Kanzashi Set by Kitty Kanzashi
This kanzashi set is made using the same principle as Candy Amore which I talked about a couple of days ago

We often see kanzashi being made using very girlie colours but I understand that not everyone can wear such colours so when I saw this piece of fabric, I thought why not use it to make a tsumami kanzashi.

I used the traditional ume or plum blossom flower arrangement for this one and in addition, I used some gold mizuhiki corde to finish it off.

If you are wondering what mizuhiki cord is then it is Japanese paper cord!  It is often used to make adornments for their cards and they come in all sorts of colour.  It is quite stiff to use has a nasty habit of unravelling especially if you are doing some knot decoration with it.

If you like this kanzashi then you can see it in my etsy store here.

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