21 June 2012

Wedding dress - 9552 By Justin Alexander

Opps I forgot this week's wedding dress how forgetful I am.

We are all very familiar with the Grace Kelly's wedding dress and here is one that is almost a spitting image!  It is dress number 9552 by Justin Alexander.

9552 by Justin Alexander

What I love about this dress?

I would fall in love with this dress just for the detailing but what really tweaked my ears was the lace blouse.  Yes you heard right a lace blouse!  

Below is a picture of the dress without the blouse which is just a standard sweetheart neckline but in my opinion the blouse really makes the dress look stunning.  

Hmmm This is not for Me!

Okay with the blouse on, it maybe too modest for some brides and you could be mistaken for a giant lace doily.

And although I love sleeves, they are a mixed blessing.  Sometimes they can flatter your arms while other times they just show the world how big they are.  Overall I think this would work great for brides who are self conscious of their arms but there is a limit.  If you have very broad shoulders then the blouse may not work to your advantage.  

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