3 July 2012

Wedding Dress - Deauville by Claire Pettibone

I have already shown one of Claire Pettibone dresses already.


However I can't help showing off one from her 2013 collection!

Deauville by Claire Pettibone
What I love about it

It is a nice simple dress but with a dash of colour which I am loving.  It is perfect for a bride who wants a touch of vintage.

This dress will look great on a boyish figure because the drop waist will give the illusion of a waist and that lovely back will leave no one in doubt that you are expressing your feminine charm.

Oh No Not For Me.

Steer clear of this dress if you are a pear shape because what helps the boyish figure will not work to your advantage.  It is also not for the well endowed ladies because you will not be able to hide any supportive underwear under this dress.

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