24 July 2012

Wedding Dress - ??? by Phillipa Lepley

When I saw this dress I just thought CUTE!!!!

??? by Phillipa Lepley
Why I love it!

Lately I have been thinking about making some aristocratic lolita dresses so I have been looking at some wonderful fabrics.  Therefore when I saw the lovely sheer fabric with those cute little flowers all over it I was giddy.

Those lovely cap sleeve are perfect for hiding any of those unsightly bulges that ones get around the armpit areas and provide coverage for brides who are concerned with exposing too much of their chest.  There is nothing like a little bit a security that a piece of fabric can give you.

Not For Me...

The dress it self I think will suit a lot of figures however I think it is the print or the flowers on the dress that will make or break it.

If you like dainty little flowers then this is great and even better if you are planning a spring wedding because it has that fresh look to it.


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