17 July 2012

Wedding Dress - Sapphire by Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin has showcased her 2013 collection and I noticed this little number!

However it was not a dress that caught my eye but a trouser and corset like top outfit.

Sapphire by Stephanie Allin
Why do I love it!

Before I got in touch with my feminine side I was very much a trouser girl until I was probably 21 years old.  At that age, I refuse to wear a skirt!  Of course I had them for family weddings but I hated wearing them.  Therefore if I was still of that mind frame then this might have been something I would be looking for.

Highly practical yet very feminine and you can really show off your lovely shoes.  I always thought it was a shame that a lot of brides would spend a lot of money on a pair of Jimmy Choo or Louboutins only to hide them under their skirts.

Maybe not my thing actually

It is definitely not one for you girlies who are planning a fairytale wedding and although trousers are brilliant I am not sure about these one for girls who have large calves like me!  On the other hand if you can get parallel leg trousers then I think it would be perfect for me but alas skinny capri like trousers are not for me.

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