5 July 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Ivy Love Kanzashi Hairclip

Time to show you some kanzashi which I call my everyday kanzashi.
Ivy Love by Kitty Kanzashi

My friend a couple of years ago gave me a whole load of quilting fabric which were gorgeous but in small squares.

Well I was not about to let those fabric go to waste so I made tiny pairs of kanzashi hairclips.

This fabric has a light green leaf print all over it and in the above photo you can clearly see it.

Rather then leave it as that I added some falls on each flower so that when you walk they will swing.

Each kanzashi is only 3cm in diameter and with the falls the height of them is 6cm.

So what do you think?  Would these pair of hairclips make a lovely present for yourself or how about a friend?

Well whoever you buy these for, you can find them here.


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