10 July 2012

Wedding Dress - On A Night Like This by Stewart Parvin

I haven't posted a hippy style wedding dress so here is one from Stewart Parvin to address the balance.

On a Night like This by Stewart Parvin

Why I love it!

One of the things why I love hippy style wedding dresses is the carefree feeling that they give out and this number is perfect.  Designed to be worn off the shoulders this is perfect for brides who have a lovely pair to show off.

In addition, if you are feeling thrifty you could wear this dress again since it does not shout wedding dress.


Yes I said it, the dress does not shout wedding which for some brides is a big NO NO.  

Then the actual dress, perfect for anyone with a slender figure who has a nice pair of shoulders.  So unless you are planning to spend some time in the gym making yourself look good for the dress, I would go for something more structured which will play to your good points.  However you could get away with wearing some supportive underwear which will help you look your best.

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Eugene Yompster said...

really beautiful dress. nice post! stewart parvin