9 July 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Mother Nature

I enjoy mixing vintage with modern fabric when I am making kanzashi.

Mother Nature by Kitty Kanzashi
Why?  Because I like using the bright vibrant coloured modern fabrics with the muted colours of the vintage fabric.

UK kanzashi maker
 Of course not all vintage fabric are muted in colour, some are quite stunning but that is for a later date.

Kanzashi by Kitty Kanzashi, UK
 These ones are a little bit bigger then my standard pair hairclips at 5cm in diameter but they are perfect to wear for all occasions.

You can wear then as an everyday clip to brighten up your outfit or maybe as an accent piece for a special occasion.  And if you are the suit of person who is not comfortable with wearing floral accessories then these would be perfect because they do not attract too much attention.

So if you are interested in these one then you can buy them here!


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