15 September 2011

Wedding Kanzashi all finished.

And now I can relax (a bit) from thinking about my wedding and concentrate on EMS!

My bouquet is made from the same flower designs as the rest of the boutonneire and hair pins because I wanted all the elements to co-ordinate with each other.

The only addition I made are the 3 lace roses which were included because I wanted lace roses and they helped with the arrangement.  In previous bouquet, I would find odd gaps which were unattractive and it dawned on my that I could eliminate them if I had a flower which could be slotted in.

Like with my other bouquets, I used a lot of floral tape which creates a stable handle which is covered with white satin ribbon and with the remaining lace I create a double tier covering for the back of the bouquet.

And here is the wonderful bouquet being held by my partner like as if he is about to bludgeon someone with it.  I think at the time we were talking about the bouquet making a lovely hand guard for a sword so we spent a couple of minutes thinking what it would look like with a blade sticking out in the middle.

(We have been playing Dragon Age 2 so killing evil darkspawn and assassins with swords is the first thing we are thinking about)

Question to my readers, would you people be interested in buying such a bridal sets?  And if so, what price would you pay for it?


Miss Val's Creations said...

Gorgeous work! The color scheme is so rich. Your man does look like he would like to use the bouquet at a weapon!!!! I guess men are not the best bouquet holding models.

Itsumo Japan said...

So pretty!

Kitty Kanzashi said...

LOL yes I think he was holding it in a funny way because the alternative was asking him to take the photo and the results would have been worse.

Sekhet said...

Congratulations, I enjoy especialy the hair ornament, but they're both amazing

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed how they look.

It will be interesting to see all of these kanzashi next to my dress.

Anonymous said...

Hello, new watched dropping by to comment :) What a lovely bouquet! I can't imagine all the hours that must have gone into making it and I love the addition of the lace, it softens things up and makes it even more pretty and feminine <3

When will you be getting married? And of course I have to ask; will you be wearing a special kimono for your wedding? :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Hello Laura

Getting married next month and unfortunately no wedding kimono. Instead I'm getting a corset wedding dress which is made from the same fabric as the flowers.

It look some time to make it but it was worth it. Would love to make them for other brides as well.

Anonymous said...

No wedding kimono perhaps, but your dress sounds lovely! I bet you'll have lots of other brides interested in your bouquets - unlike real flowers they'll last forever as a reminder of the special day and the fact they're handmade makes them even more special :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I hope so Laura!