11 September 2011

Kimono demo and workshop at Alcon!

Another weekend has past and on Saturday, my friend (Liz) and I were invited by Alcon to present a kimono demonstration  and run three kimono workshop.

Fortunately Alcon was based in Leicester at De Montfort University so it was fairly close for both Liz and I to travel.

It was a packed Saturday schedule and unfortunately we were assigned the 10.00 slot for our kimono demo which meant we didn't have a packed audience.  It appears the night before there was a rave so clearly 10.00 is far too early if you were hungover.  Also we clash with the Tea Ceremony.

However despite our low turn out we gave our talk and we first went through a furisode kitsuke with a bunko style musubi.  The kitsuke went very well despite my forgetfulness.  I accidentally forgot the obi-shin and makura however the obi I used was very stiff to the obi-shin was not need and since I tied a bunko style musubi, the makura was not needed.

For the next kitsuke we did a maiko cosplay.  We choose a furisode that could double up as a 
hikizuri so one less kimono to bring.  Also as the model was slim, I was able to fold the kimono with the front opening nicely.  The hardest thing was tying the darari musubi style with a fukuro obi because I needed to judge length of the trailing part.  In the end the difference between the tails was only a couple of inches which isn't bad considering I have not practice on the model before.  Of course as I forgot the makura the musubi was a little flat but I hope I managed to create the look well enough.

Now we had 3 hours to relax before the workshops so Liz and I sent the time wandering around the convention.  I was surprised how small the event was and with the dealers room opening at 12.00, Liz and I decided to walk around the university.  But by the time we got back in time for the room to open there was already a queue to get in and it did not disappear until 14.00 which was the starting time for our workshop.  However I probably wouldn't have brought anything so I'm not upset.

So the workshop.  We knew from the forum that we would have plenty of interest and the first workshop was packed!  I demonstrated at each 40 minutes workshop how to put on a female yukata while Liz helped the male side.

We were both very busy and it was lucky that we were moved to another room which was not being used because 40 minutes is not long enough to tutor people in yukata.  And we over ran by 15 minutes which isn't bad.

Also we also were unable to cater for women who were plus size because getting yukata for plus size ladies is hard.  However I was able to tell them the method of putting on a yukata which they can used when they are able to find one that fits.

Overall we did very well and everyone said that they learnt a lot.  We even manage to sell a couple of items so that was a bonus.

Next event that you will see my friend and I will be at the Entertainment Media Show!

By the way photos will follow as I need to get them off an observer who was kind enough to take pictures for us since we were to busy with work.  Thank you Colin!

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