16 September 2011

Photos from the BUNTweetup Yorkshire.

Back in September 6, I went to the first BUNTweetup in Yorkshire and had a bundle of fun.

However I didn't take any pictures!!

Well Bride Up North came through and here are some photos from her site.

Here is the lovely Julia getting things ready!

Can you spot me in the photo below?

This was the lovely centrepiece in the middle of the room.

Yep that is me wearing my purple kanzashi, it is becoming the kanzashi that I wear for special occasions. 

Some attendees who were having fun at the booth.

The yummy sweetie table which I was very good and didn't eat anything.  I don't need help to be unhealthy because it is programmed into my genes.

For more photographs of the evening then you can visit Brides Up North website here.


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