7 September 2011

Brides Up North Tweetup at Mansion in Leeds

I had a wonderful night yesterday attending the first Brides Up North Tweetup in Yorkshire and it was a fab turnout.

Normally I would find these sort of gathering daunting because I'm a shy person in social situation.  However I felt at complete ease and picked up a load of business cards!  I think in total I picked up 19 business cards out of 80 which isn't bad.

The venue was the mansion at Roundhay park it was picturesque!  The leaves were only just turning a different colour and the light was warm.  And the mansion itself lovely as well I wish I took photos of the place but I was anxious to get started with the networking.
The tweetup was in one room but it was fabulously decorated I will have get the pictures off brides up north website.

Of course I had to wear a kimono because I wasn't going to the kdj September meetup.  Therefore I wore my favourite polka dot kimono with the added lace and my homemade obi.  There was another good reason in wearing a kimono and that was to stand out in the crowd and by god did I!  

I'm sorry for the dishevel look but I have been on a 1hr and 20min train journey and I was very tired.

I got talking to a couple of dressmakers who loved my kimono which provided the ice breaker to discuss our business.

I think I made a good impression and a lot of the people liked my kanzashi so this gives me hope that what I am doing is worthwhile.  I hope the people I met today will recommend me to their brides!
It was a shame that I didn't stay over in Leeds because I didn't get a chance to meet everyone.  But hopefully I will be able to connect with them twitter in the coming months.

Well done to Julia for organising this wonderful event and I hope in future we will work together.


Sekhet said...

wonderfull with you new obi and all, guess that the kimono is of your own design, nice : )

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I decided that my polka dot kimono needed updating so I brought some lace and added it to all the edges.

Now I'm thinking of rejuvenating all of my kimono in a similar way. I love my haberdashery.