20 January 2012

Commence hanfu project.

Finally I have got round to making a hanfu!

Really after rediscovering them 4 years ago, I have been pondering how to make one and since I am still looking for a job what better way to keep myself sane then to actually make one!

My plan is to make something like this.

So I got my thinking hat on and drafted a pattern.

It took me a couple of days to figure out the curves and then how to cut the pattern on the fabric because there is no way I was going to find fabric wide enough to cut the bottom part of the shirt in one piece.

However it was only now that I realised I made a tad mistake!

The top part is not too bad because I used the hanfu that I brought 4 years ago as my pattern but the wraparound skirt is wrong.  

It doesn't wrap around enough times.  In my reference picture it appears to wrap around three and half times whereas my one is only two and half times.  But I have looked at other pictures since and it might not be as wrong as I thought so PHEW!

Since then I have sewed it all together but I still need to buy some more fabric that will be used as a border for the hems and collar.  I am thinking of emerald green but I'm up for suggestions!

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