10 January 2012

New kanzashi for you to enjoy.

For the past two years I have been purchasing vintage kimono fabric because I thought they would make perfect kanzashi.  However it has only been recently that I have decided to actually use the fabric.

So today I have listed three new kanzashi!

First one is called Midnight Sparkle.

It was so hard to capture the true colour of this kanzashi because it was a dark blue/purple silk with hints of red but I think the pictures does it justice.  There is even a little bit of sparkle to give your kanzashi something to shout about.

Second one is called Checkered Past.

This used a lovely checkered piece of kimono which I wish I owned because I lack a nice beige kimono.  It is set against black petals so you can see the true beauty of the fabric.

And thirdly, we have Mother Nature.

Using as dusky green/brown kimono fabric, it just shouts Mother Nature so adding a bit more green just helps the whole piece.


Walter said...

Beautiful! What season would you wear these colours in ? Or aren't they related to any season ?

Kitty Kanzashi said...

These ones are not related to any season. They are just pretty little things that you wear.