13 January 2012

Wonder of the day! Golden Cape.

A lot of the time I go wow for no reason but this time it is different!  Just look at this!

Here is the pattern closeup!

And would you believe me if I said it was made from spider's silk?  No I am not joking this cape and the accompanying scarf was entirely made using the silk from the golden orb spider.

It does sound creepy but if you think about it, it is no more creepy then silk from the silkworm and this by the way is the natural colour of the silk that is produced by the spider.

If you want to see this wonderful piece of textile then it is on display in V&A museum from 25 January to 5 June 2012 and admission is free.  I must find some time to see it!


Walter said...

For one second I said " no way ! you'd need an incredible amount of spiders to produce that much spider silk ". But it's real. The way they made is quite unique :
Thanks for posting something so beautiful and unique, Kitty !

Walter said...

You gotta see these :

but they're all about the scarf ( quite large actually) and not about the cape ?
It's still WOW ^^

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Isn't is amazing what you can get from nature!

I hope to get a chance to see it while it is in V&A.