31 January 2012

Wedding Dress - Aragon by Rosa Clara

Time to have a dress which has a bit more structure.

And Rosa Clara shown me something which is just what I am looking for.

Why do I love this dress?

From the front it just looks like a plain white wedding dress but just you wait until you look at the back!

Isn't it cute!  Those two little bows are just delightful and the pleating for the train give the back of the dress a bustle look.

Truly it is a wedding dress fit for a princess.

The down points

You may have notice that this dress will show a lot of your back so if you have any blemish that you do not want to show then do not wear this dress!  However a day's worth of pamper wouldn't go amiss just to make sure things all look good.

This dress will also not be good for brides who are well endowed because that neckline and bodice will only just emphasis your assets even more.  Which might not be the attention you were hoping to draw.

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