10 January 2012

Wedding Dress - Henriette by Vera Wang

Time for a fantasy gown time and this time I went for a Vera Wang creation.

Vera Wang gowns are always something special because they look so light and delightful and this one is a wonderful example.

Look at all that tulle around the skirt!  It looks scrumptious and decadent but at the same time retains the delicate nature of the dress.  And to keep with the current trend for lace the bodice has some which I think balances out the floaty nature of the skirt. 

Why I love the dress!

I love how the tulle is used to make the skirt!  Something as simple as arranging fabric could create a wonderful looking skirt still amazes me.  In addition I feel this skirt is very flattering for many shapes!  

Plus the cap sleeves on the bodice made from lace is perfect for brides who feel uncomfortable exposing too much flesh while at the same time want to look sexy walking down the aisle ;)

But oh dear!

The look of the dress is wonderful and although it will hide a multitude of sins especially in the leg department, height will be an issue.

Well to be more precise, it is the length of your upper body compared to your height.  The skirt is clearly a massive feature point but you must not forget about the lace bodice.  In order to show it off, you must have a long upper body or you could find yourself disappearing into a sea of tulle.

What do you think of the dress?  Have you got a dress that you think I should look at?  If so, then let me know in a comment below or email me at kittykanzashi@gmail.com.

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